中村 ユキ  


Designer / Artist

YUQI NAKAMURA was born in NARA Japan.

Her passion for Fashiondesign,painting,graphic design And design began at a young age.

After graduating from NARA junior colledge of ART, she made thedecision to study design for couple of year, and eventually studying fashion in London.

After leaving from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design ,

Upon her return she became a fashion designer for Evisu Japan in 2010,she participated in London Fashion Week show as an assistant and model.

She has gained experience with several apparel companies and other collection brands in Tokyo, and is involved in Paris Fashion Week and various collections in Japan and overseas.


2017-Launched creative  studio Y's DESIGN . In addition to fashion design, he engages in a wide range of creative activities such as illustrator, textile designer, and graphic design.

デザイナー / アーティスト


ロンドンのセントラルセイントマーティンス カレッジオブアート&デザインにてファッション留学後、




Y's DESIGN -ワイズデザイン- を立ち上げ、独立。






・J MAN メイクアップアーティスト検定3級取級得


・CSCA認定 16タイプ・パーソナルカラーアナリスト

・CSCA認定 パーソナルスタイリスト


Fashion Illustration



Styling Account